Laura Ikeji Shades Amara Kanu on Instagram: “She Can’t Achieve What I Have in 10 Years”

Laura Ikeji does not know how to keep Amara Kanu’s name out of her mouth.

Today, the socialite took to her Instagram yet again to shade the wife of Kanu Nwankwo, claiming that Amara cannot achieve what she, Laura, had done for herself.

Recall that this drama started yesterday when a follower asked Laura why she and Amara are not following each other on social media. Rather than ignore the question, Laura replied that they are not friends.”

And this stirred heated reactions on social media. Now, Laura has lashed back at a fan who called her out for stoking unnecessary flame. “What I have achieved just in January by working my butts off, both you and her can’t achieve that in 10 years,” she told the Instagram user.

See the post below:

And shortly after, she shared a photo of herself and her husband Ogbonna Kanu, who has been embroiled in a feud with Amara Kanu.

“I’m not one to give relationship or marriage advise, I actually suck at it 😂😂😂but dang girl, if u are lucky enough to be with a good man, love and defend him with all Uve got. Fight for that one true love. #defendurterritory #markurspot#stayinyolane #fighttillucantfightnomore cc@ogbobekee1 we dye dia,” she wrote.

Amara Kanu had yet to speak up about this latest family feud.


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