Las Vegas Police to Quiz Cristiano Ronaldo on Rape

Las Vegas police are reportedly gearing up to question Cristiano Ronaldo in the alleged rape case that is going on against him.

American girl Kathryn Mayorga has recently accused Ronaldo of raping her in their hotel room back in 2009, when Ronaldo was on a vacation in Las Vegas, days after he had completed his move from Manchester United to Real Madrid.

According to Portuguese media, Las Vegas police department spokesperson Jacinto Rivera has said: “The tests have not disappeared, they are still the same ones that were collected in 2009 and are still in our possession.”

“We certainly do not know yet when it will happen, he is obviously out of the country, but at some point we will have to listen to him.

“It’s a crime and as we are doing in this case, obviously we must question the person who is accused of committing the crime.”

Ronaldo, who had earlier reached an agreement with Mayorga, maintains he is not guilty of the charges levelled against him.

The 33-year-old Juventus forward insists opportunists are merely trying to cash-in on his fame.

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