My Lagos Story: The City and the Sour Change Mantra

Lagos is notorious for many a thing, albeit negative for the most part. Its mention brings a writ of remembered fear on the faces of those who’ve had horrid experiences in their stay there. Inhabitants, transplants mostly, per diem live to face its stressfulness owed to a capitalist nature that exploits.

Does Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Need Marriage Counselling From Maheeda? – Daddy Freeze

Do people really need to be counselled or be taught how to make their choices before they delve into marriage?

GRAPHIC Video: When Will Lagos Government Curb the Spate of Killings on the Island?

In July, yet another group of Lagos Island boys stormed five streets with daggers and machetes. At least one person, identified as Ade Busari, was killed during the attack.

My Lagos Story: Cervical Cancer, the Speculum and Me

The burden of womanhood appears to worsen as we grow older. Yet we have to bear these weights stoically. Therefore, the Pap smear is one test that any woman would want to be negative in, whether she be of child-bearing age or not.

Officer Arrested for Killing a Man over Police Extortion Claims; Will the Lagos State COP...

The Lagos State Police Commissioner Fatai Owoseni lost his cool when he was asked to address the incessant complaints from transporters who accused police officers of extortion. Now he has ordered the arrest of a sergeant who reportedly shoved a man to his death during a 'botched extortion attempt'

Ikorodu Attacks: Has Lagos State Government Abandoned Residents to Their Fate?

Nigerians are calling the state government out, demanding that they do something about the tragic attacks in the area that have caused many residents to flee their homes.

My Lagos Story: Why We’re Stuck to this City

It is what it is: the thrill of Lagos is in the pain, in the spirit to make the best of a bad situation. A space that challenges its people towards creativity, excellence, and innovation. Here, we see beyond the strains of mobility, beyond the noise. It is the love of enterprise above anything else. A love to which that of arrogant romance can be subservient. The love of one's mother whether she is beautiful or ugly. The love of Lagos.

Travelogue: Visiting Nigeria

Thanks to the social ways of my siblings, I've always had Nigerians at some point of my life, but in 2011, I made my own Nigerian friend, Jennifer. Jenny is a brilliant young woman who lives in Lagos and is now one of my best friends. For years, we've been toying with the idea of visiting each other, and this year I decided it needed to happen. Dates were discussed, tickets were bought, airport drama was had, and I was on a flight to Lagos.

My Lagos Story: Fuel Queues- Retrogression or a Glitch on the Road to Change?

In 1993, in the days following the annulment of the June 12 election, Nigeria experienced acute fuel shortage and I would go searching and queuing for...

My Lagos Story: Of Traffic Snarls and the Land of the Rubber Men

A nation of rubber men, Nigerians are very amiable to change. Stretch us all you want, we just adjust to accommodate the extra strain and soon that becomes the normal from which further stretching emanates. We're super elastic.

My Lagos Story: ‘Where can I change $5,000?’ My brother, I don’t know o!

I took a taxi in Lagos once, and I could have either ended up very rich or very dead.