Lady orders arrest of neighbour’s security guard for sending her friend request on Facebook

A security guard has reportedly landed in hot water for sending a friend request to a lady who lives in the same estate where he works.

According to the account of a Twitter user, the man was arrested for only sending a friend request! Yes, friend request!

The matter is particularly curious as Facebook has an option to reject a friend request and also block the sender from sending future requests.

But these options weren’t useful enough for the putative lady as she decided to get the man arrested.

The disturbing news was broken by a Nigerian lady, Bolouere Opukiri (@Boluxxx) who took to her Twitter page to share it.

Boluere however added that the lady who ordered the security guard’s arrest is well known in the Abuja estate for her bellicose nature.

She tweeted:

“There’s this chic in my estate that’s notorious for quarelling serially.

“Today she came to arrest my building security guy.

“What did he do? Sent her a friend’s request on Facebook.”

Another Twitter user @AdejoED who also resides in the estate corroborated her claim after asking about the woman from his neighbours.

He tweeted:

Hahahahaha same estate? Let me ask my house people for full gist biko.

Kinda wonder what charges the police would file against the hapless security guard.


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