Kumail Nanjiani Says BLM Protests Has Convinced Doubters of Police Brutality

Kumail Nanjiani has tweeted about how the American police decision to violently quell the George Floyd protests in the past days has opened many people eyes to what black people have been complaining about all these years.

“Police decided to violently quell protests to loudly proclaim they won’t change,” the actor tweeted, adding, “The strategy backfired because we now have 100’s of videos of cops using excessive force.”

He previously had used a videotaped incident in Buffalo, New York, on Thursday, to show how vicious the police have been. From the clip recorded during the anti-racism demonstrations, police officers were caught shoving a 75-year-old man to the pavement. The man audibly cracked his head and began bleeding from his ear. The man was later hospitalised in serious condition.

That video has been video over 40 million times, plus all other videos which show moments peaceful protests became violent after the police showed. And these, Nanjiani said, have convinced the sheltered about the evils of the police.

“Ppl who didn’t think police brutality was an issue last week now believe police reform to be essential,” he said.

And to a fan who said the videos have radicalised him, he said, “Yeah it’s hard to not come to that conclusion. If there are only a few “bad apples”, but the “good apples” do nothing to hold them accountable, there are no good apples.”

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