Kim Kardashian Tells How She Cared for Kanye West as He Battled COVID-19

Kim Kardashian sat down for an interview with GRAZIA Magazine cover story, in which she talked about how she cared for Kanye West when he was stricken with COVID-19 earlier this year.

Recall that West believes he contracted the coronavirus back in February.

“Kanye had it way at the beginning, when nobody really knew what was going on,” Kardashian said. “It was so scary and unknown. I had my four babies and no-one else in the house to help.”

“I had to go and change his sheets and help him get out of bed when he wasn’t feeling good,” she continued in the interview. “It was a challenge because it was so unknown.”

“Changing his sheets with gloves and a face shield was really a scary time,” Kardashian said, according to People. And all of this comes after the couple resolved their differences following Kanye West’s diss on Twitter.


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