Kim Kardashian Is Allegedly Considering Filing for Divorce From Kanye West

Page Six is reporting that Kim Kardashian is planning to file for divorce from Kanye West.

Per the outlet, this was confirmed by a source close to the couple, who claimed that Kim was done because of Kanye’s recent behavior on social media.

“[Kanye’s] anti-abortion stance comments in particular have impacted their marriage,” the source claimed, adding “Kim has the whole divorce planned out, but she’s waiting for him to get through his latest episode.”

And that’s not all.

PEOPLE Magazine also reports that Kim Kardashian is at odds with her husband at the moment. “[She’s] at the end of her rope, again,” a source said. “He’s off his meds. He promised he’d stay on them. The last time, part of his negotiation with Kim was that he’d get back on his medication and he would work very hard to control his impulses. He made a lot of promises. And now those promises are broken.”

The source added that Kim “doesn’t care one bit about the presidential run,” and that her focus is on their children.


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