Kim Jong-Un sends South Korea’s Moon condolences for Mother’s death

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sent a message of sympathy to the South’s President Moon Jae-in over the death of his mother, officials said Thursday.

Kang Han-ok, who was born and grew up in the North but was evacuated by US forces during the Korean War, died from chronic illness on Tuesday. She was 92.

A North Korean official delivered Kim’s written message at the Demilitarized Zone on Wednesday afternoon, presidential office spokeswoman Ko Min-jung said.

Kim expressed “his deep condolences… and consolation to President Moon”, she said, adding the document was sent on to Moon at a Catholic church in Busan, where mourners had gathered.

The missive comes with relations between North and South at a standstill, with Pyongyang repeatedly excoriating Seoul following the collapse of Kim’s nuclear summit with US President Donald Trump in Hanoi in February.

Moon’s parents were North Korean refugees who fled onboard a US troopship in the December 1950 Hungnam evacuation, a giant rescue of US soldiers and Korean civilians from advancing Chinese and North Korean forces.


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