Keyshia Cole Shares First Photo of Her Adorable Son Tobias

Congratulations to Keyshia Cole!

The singer and her boyfriend Niko Khale have taken to their social media to share first photo of their newborn son, Tobias Khale.

The newborn was photographed in a knit cap and shorts – resting peacefully in the first photo and then awake and smiling in the images that follow. What a cutie pie!

“I absolutely couldn’t wait to post these pictures,” the singer wrote. “If u watched the show last night, you’ve had a chance to take the first looks. Tobias Khale is the sweetest baby, OMG. He’s such a little blessing, and I’m completely in love with him! The smiles he gives EVERY SINGLE Time you smile at him brightens the worst of days. So happy Daniel Gibson, Jr. has a baby brother now.”

Check it out below:

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