Kevin Spacey Under Investigation by Los Angeles District Attorney in Sex Crimes Case

Kevin Spacey is currently being investigated by Los Angeles County prosecutors of sexual assault.

“The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Departments Special Victims Bureau began an investigation into allegations of a sexual assault involving Mr.  Kevin Spacey on December 11, 2017,” the L.A. Sheriff’s Department said in a statement published by E! News on Wednesday. “The events were reported to have taken place in October of 1992 in West Hollywood involving a male adult.”

The statement continues, “The investigation was completed and presented to the District Attorney’s Office Entertainment Industry Sex Crimes Task Force on April 5, 2018, for review and filing consideration.”

This comes months after the disgraced actor was outed by younger actor, Anthony Rapp, of sexual misconduct.

Recall that back in October, Rapp revealed how Spacey made an unwanted sexual advance toward him when he was 14. Spacey issued an apology and came out as a gay man, before checking himself into a treatment centre in November.

Ever since, Spacey has been hit with a number of allegations by men in the United States and England.

In November, London police opened an investigation into an allegation of sexual assault made against him, and same month, the revealed that were investigating a second case. By January of this year, there received another report of past assault.

Now, the Los Angeles Attorney is investigating him of sex crimes, and we can’t wait to see how it pans out.

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