Kevin Hart Dismisses Those Who Called Out His Homophobia as “Angry People”

Kevin Hart finally has some sort of response for those who called out his homophobia.

Recall that after the comedian-actor celebrated being selected to host the 2019 Oscars, this Guardian piece unearthed the series of comments he had made in the past, including his standups where he shamelessly celebrated his homophobia.

This stirred heated conversation on social media, with many people calling on the Oscar committee to revisit their decision on having such homophobic figure host their prestigious event.

Well, Hart has reacted and thinks those who criticise him as “angry people.”

“I was asked the most amazing question from my kids today on the phone….they said “Dad why don’t you get mad when people talk about you on the internet” …my answer was “I never see that stuff because I’m to busy being happy & loving you 2,” he tweeted.

He continued, “I then explained to them that it’s hard to know what angry things people are saying when you stay away from the places that angry people love. I said angry people love the internet… so use it only when necessary and spend the rest of ur time enjoying life.”

See the tweets below:

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