Kenyans Outraged at MPs Lavish trip to World Cup

Kenyans are livid after news emerged that 20 MPs have travelled to watch the World Cup at the taxpayers’ expense.

The globetrotting MPs are scheduled to watch four games, including Sunday’s showpiece final between France and Croatia, in a two-week trip to Russia estimated to be costing hundreds of thousands of US dollars.

The MPs are however to blame for their ‘ordeal’ as the caught the attention of Kenyans when they posted selfies in a stadium, BBC writes.

Sports Minister Rashid said he had authorised only six MPs to travel, to help understand how to organise such big events with bidding to host the 2023 World Athletics Championships.

But many Kenyans consider the trip was a waste of money in a country where the average person lives on $150 (£113) a month.

When travelling on official business, Kenyan MPs are entitled to daily allowances for expenses of around $1,000, though a parliamentary source claims members of parliament usually travel first class.

Kenyan MPs are believed to be among the best paid in the world but last year they got a 15% pay cut to $6,100 a month.

They also lost some of their generous allowances, such as for mileage and attending parliament as president Uhuru Kenyatta looks to crackdown on corruption.

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