Kelly Hansome calls out Don Jazzy for ‘Locking Him Up’

Not long after Kelechi Orji, aka Kelly Hansome, accused Don Jazzy of locking him up for doing a cover of a song, the Maga Don Pay singer has once again shared the story on his Instagram page while celebrating a soldier friend’s birthday.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, Kelly Handsome said as shocking as it sounded, all he said was true.

“It was when Don Jazzy arrested me that I met the soldier I mentioned in my post. I wanted to wish him a happy birthday and I remembered the event. I guess people were surprised because they felt Don Jazzy could not do such. Why would you lock up your brother for doing a cover of a song. The track was titled, I’m Feeling Good, by 2baba featuring D’banj, while Don Jazzy produced it. If he is proud of what he did, he should respond.”

Hansome also stated that Charly Boy could testify to what he was saying, as he was one of the people who helped him, saying: “I signed an undertaken and they published it online with my signature. They claimed I was bailed with N500, 000 but that’s untrue. I didn’t put out the song; it was leaked online. They even told the police to put a laptop on my hands so that people would think I was a yahoo boy (Internet fraudster).”

He said there was no way he’d initiate peace talks with Don Jazzy after the stunt he pulled.

“I don’t care about meeting him or settling things. He is a producer, I am a producer too. If he buys seven houses and I buy one, it is the same bed we will sleep on. I don’t need to have many houses to be satisfied as a human being. I wish he would accept that he went too far by jailing me but he will not do that because of pride. You can only deceive people for a while, not forever. He would have said something if I was lying, but he didn’t admit or say a word because it was true. I am sure if he comes out to deny it, Charly Boy will speak.”

Kelly, who said he’s never been close to Don Jazzy, dismissed claims that he had left music, revealing that he recently dropped an EP, 4Play.

“I just dropped an EP and I am working on more songs. I live in America but most people don’t know this. I only come to Nigeria when I need to work on certain things.  Apart from music, I have other things I do. I have a daughter to take care of and I am the first son of my parents,” he said.

Wow! Maybe Don Jazzy will get to say something finally.


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