Kelly Clarkson Grilled Over ‘Looters’ Comments, Says Her Words are Being ‘Twisted’

Kelly Clarkson has taken to her Twitter to clarify what she meant when she accused ‘looters’ of the chaos in the United States.

The singer has been active on social media since the George Floyd protests, offering her support for the Black Lives Matter movement, until hours ago when she accused looters, and not the violent police, of the ‘chaos’ in the country.

She said: ‘There is so much chaos and confusion happening right now so please don’t just pay attention to the selfish idiots that are looting and tearing us apart even more, and see the hope, and the empathy, and hear the conversation from true leadership like all the people in this video.’

She then went on to explain her situation in Los Angeles, saying: ‘I live & am currently n LA with sirens going off, police everywhere, living under constant curfews, places being looted & broken into & having 2 explain this to my children so I understand BUT those looters that r selfish &taking advantage don’t care about any lives but their own.’

Many people had a problem with how she was apportioning blame and immediately called her out. Which is why she has now said that her comments were being misinterpreted.

“It’s sad how my words r being twisted. I’m used 2 it happening by now but not w/such an important issue. My intentions have been & always will be 2 do the right thing. & the right thing is to listen, to educate myself, & 2 be a part of the change I wish to see. Black Lives Matter.”

See her tweets below:

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