Kelis Breaks Silence After Nas Brought Their Nasty Drama to Instagram: ‘Satan is the Father of Lies’

Kelis has finally spoken up days after Nas took to his Instagram to share details of the drama they have been embroiled in.

The duo had battled in court for the custody of their child, and after Nas won joint custody, things took a nasty turn, with Kelis accusing him of being violently abusive during their marriage.

In his emotional post of September 7, the rapper shut down the claims that he was abusive, accused Kelis of being the abusive one, adding that her bad behaviour was why she got dropped by her record label.

He further shared shocking allegations of how Kelis has used their son as a pawn to hurt him, adding that he will never back down from fighting for his son.

You can read all about that here.

Well, Kelis has now spoken up during an exchange with an Instagram troll in which she dismissive Nas’ claims as lies. “Satan is the father of lies and what’s done in the dark will always come to light,” she said.

See the exchange below.


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