Kanye West’s Father Beats Prostrate Cancer, So They Celebrate by Eating Bugs

Kanye West celebrated his father Ray West’s victory over prostate cancer by eating a plate of bugs.

The rapper took to his Twitter yesterday to share the photo of the meal with a caption that began with “overcome fear.”

“My dad and I are going to eat this plate of bugs to celebrate him beating cancer,” he wrote. “No more fear.”

This comes months after news surfaced that the rapper’s father was diagnosed with the early stages of prostate cancer. Thankfully, Ray West beat the disease and he is son is celebrating by facing one of his greatest fears.

Only yesterday, the rapper, who has been under fire for new controversial comments he made, spoke about why he delayed the “Yandhi” album, including revelations that he has stopped taking his medications.

“It’s just a full Ye album and those five albums I dropped earlier were like…superhero rehabilitation. And now the alien Ye is fully back in mode, off the medication, working out, breathing as much fresh air as possible. Thinking, doing, being himself,” he said.

Check out the bugs they ate.


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