Kanye West Tells Kamala Harris: ‘It’s an Honor to Run Against You’

Kanye West can’t wait to go against Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the polls this fall.

The rapper who is gunning to beocme the next Amewrican president, took to his Twitter on Saturday to congratulate Harris on becoming Joe Biden’s 2020 running mate.

Kanye started his post by referencing his late mother, who he said would have been friends with the California senator. Then, he added that his campaign would ultimately defeat the Biden-Harris ticket. Classic Kanye.

“I know my mom and Kamala Harris would have been friends … congratulations on being the democratic Vice President nominee,” he wrote. “… all love and respect from the future president ? It’s an honor to run against you.”

Harris did not oblige his tweet with a response. She has more important issues to worry about:


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