Kanye West Sued Over a Sample Featured in His 2016 Album, “The Life of Pablo”

TMZ reports that Kanye West is being sued over a sample featured in 2016’s The Life of Pablo.

According to the media house, the plaintiffs are Andrew and Shirley Green, who are the adoptive parents of the little girl whose voice is heard in the album’s opener “Ultralight Beam.”

The child, named Natalie, had gone viral several years ago after she was filmed reciting an impassioned prayer at 4 years old. And Kanye used the audio on the track after receiving permission from Natalie’s biological mom, Alice Johnson. But the adoptive parents claim the child’s birth parent was not authorized to give permission, as they took over her parental rights in December 2012.

They further added that the rapper never sent a written license agreement and payment to Johnson, as he allegedly promised. And so, they are seeking profits from “Ultralight Beam” as well as unspecified damages.

The rapper had yet to respond to this as at press time.

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