Kanye West Shares Plans for an Eco Village as He Makes a Case for Lonely Emojis

Looks like Kanye West’s 2020 vision board includes plans for an Eco village.

The rapper, 43, took to Twitter to reveal a layout of his plan, including the logo of the ranch which will help women and families by offering support, providing a place for women to experience pregnancy and birth, offer therapy, career options, etc.

The Eco Village will also assist in rehoming kids and offer quality education, farm to table nutrition and access to welfare.

Sharing a few details of his vision, Kanye West revealed drawings a ‘water-formed landscape fold that will offer revealation and play.

Moving away from the eco village, Kanye went on an advocacy mission for emojis that are hardly ever used and stated that moving forward, he would use emojis that are unrelated to his tweets just so the lonely ones can have their day in the sun too.

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