Kanye West Settles $10 Million Legal Battle With Lloyd’s of London Insurers

Kanye West has finally resolved his legal battles with Lloyd’s of London insurance company which began after he cancelled his remaining 21 tour dates in November 2016.

In case you missed how it all started: recall that at his last concert in Sacramento, the Life of Pablo rapper performed three songs before going on a long rant about Jay-Z and Beyonce, how Bey allegedly refused to perform at an award show unless they gave her the major award over all other artists, including Kanye. The rapper alleged that Jay-Z refused to let their children play together, and so many other personal angst. Apparently, Kanye is hurt that their families don’t mingle together.

And he said more; also blasting the likes of Hillary Clinton and the others, before storming out of the venue. Shortly after, he suffered mental health issues and cancelled his remaining tour dates.

The husband of Kim Kardashian expected to be paid by his insurers on health grounds, but Lloyd’s refused to pay out, alleging that the rapper fell ill because of his use of marijuana, that there were ‘substantial irregularities’ in his medical history. They cited a clause in their contract about alcohol and drug use.

In August 2017, Kanye slammed them with a lawsuit, citing his treatment at a psychiatric centre, and weeks later, Lloyd’s filed a countersuit, saying that the rapper’s reasons for cancelling the tours were “not beyond [his] control”, hence why they denied him his insurance claim.

However, the parties have ‘amicably’ resolved their issues, according to BBC. None has agreed to give full details of how they resolution was achieved.

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