Kanye West Says He Will No Longer Be taking Any Advice From Anyone

Kanye West wants everyone, even those close to him, to keep their opinions to themselves.

The rapper made this clear in new posts on his Twitter in which he made it clear that for the rest of his life, no one should bother telling what they think he should do. “I’m not taking no advice for the rest of my life,” said the Yeezy designer, adding, in a second tweet: “I hate talking about things I’m supposed to talk about.”

It is unclear why Ye is putting this one his Twitter or who this is specifically directed at, but this is same rapper who took to his Twitter in June to let folks know that all his life he had let pride and ego rule and guide his decisions but he had decided to let that ego go.

“I killed my ego,” he said, and the father of three went forward to admonish his fans saying, “Give without pride, be great without pride [because] your pride can be and will be used against you. I killed my ego. Who or what is Kanye West with no ego? Just Ye.”

Well, he is back now talking about shutting his ears to advice. We are guessing the ego is back where it used to be.

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