Kanye West Returns to Twitter to Start New Feud With His Record Label Sony/ATV Music

Kanye West returned to Twitter with a series of videos apparently posted from his current location in Uganda, one of which includes a nine-minute one titled “Mind Control.”

In the video, the rapper talked about his failed attempt at buying himself out of his contract with Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

“I went to go buy my publishing from Sony/ATV and they said, ‘It’s $8 million [or] $9 million’ and when I went to buy it, they told me ‘No,’ I couldn’t buy my publishing,” he said. Adding, “I have the money to buy [back] my publishing,” West continued. “And they told me that I couldn’t buy my publishing…. It’s like the control.”

He is not the first musician who has tried to end their contract.

The late Prince famously feuded with Warner Bros. Records during the mid-1990s over his desire to be released from his contract because the label would not release albums as frequently as he wanted. And Kanye referenced this in his video, mentioning how Prince had to write the word “slave” on his face as a statement of protest during the height of his dispute with Warner.

“Sony ATV told me I couldn’t buy my publishing [but] I got the money,” West noted at the end of the new video. “So Big Jon [Platt], Marty [Bandier]….whoever is involved….I need my publishing…I got the money. I’m not gonna say the “S” word. I’m not Prince, I don’t need to write it on my face.”

See the video below.

Sony had yet to respond to this as at press time.

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