Kanye West Mother’s Surgeon Schools Him Years After He Was Blamed for Her Death

Dr. Jan Adams is tired of people ignorantly blaming him of the death of Kanye West‘s mother, Donda West. And this is why he has taken his time to school the rapper after he took to Twitter to play the blame game one more time.

Drama started last week after Kanye went off in one of his rants, talking about why he has chosen to use the image of Adams as the cover of his upcoming album.

“This is my album cover,” he wrote. “I want to forgive and stop hating.”

As usual, everyone started talking about how the rapper was hurt by his mother’s death they believed was caused by a ‘botched’ plastic surgery performed by Dr. Adams.

But the medical practitioner has now read Kanye for filth in the classiest way possible, schooling him on what actually killed Donda West on November 10, 2007, how the West family played a huge role in it.

“I ask that you cease and desist using my photo or any image of me to promote your album or any of your work. I don’t want to seem ungrateful, I just think that if in fact this conversion to love is genuine on your part… then it’s inappropriate to drag the negativity of the past with it,” the doctor wrote.

He pointed the rapper to the Los Angeles Coroner’s report into his mother’s death – which subsequently cleared the doctor of any wrongdoing. Donda West apparently died of heart disease while suffering from “multiple post-operative factors” after plastic surgery.

The doctor also singled out Kanye’s cousin Stephan Scoggins for blame, claiming that he left the rapper’s mother alone after surgery when he was supposed to be the primary caregiver.

“So if your journey is true to “forgive and stop hating”….start by dealing with the facts. Perhaps you should put your cousin’s picture on your next album. Don’t put my picture out there and claim you are about love,” he added.

Read the full letter here.

In response, Kanye wrote in now-deleted Twitter post: “Thank you so much for this connection brother. I can’t wait to sit with you and start healing.”

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