Kanye West Launches Twitter Attack on Record Labels, Urinates on Grammy Award

Kanye West in a series of tweets, has launched an attack on major record labels particularly Universal Music Group and Sony in fresh Twitter rants.

The billionaire rapper and fashion mogul did not mince words on calling out these labels on what he tagged ‘slavery contracts’ and insisting that his children will own the rights to his masters not a record label.

During the long tirade of tweets, West shared a video of himself urinating on his Grammy award, stating that he wouldn’t stop and there’s more to come.

He also shared details of his contract with Universal Music Group which detailed about 75% of his earnings going to the record label.

Kanye West praised Hit boy, a Grammy award winning producer, who shared his own experience working with Universal music for over 10 years but is still ‘enslaved’ by their contract.

At the beginning of his twitter attack on Wednesday, West begged fans to pray for him as he will do everything within his power to get his masters from Universal music.

He revealed that Universal is yet to give him an estimation of how much his masters cost because they know he can afford it but want to make billions off him even in his death. He further stated that he made his billions in fashion not music as record labels have designed contracts on such a way that it’s nearly impossible to make that much from your music.

The father of four signed with Roc-a-Fella Records through Def Jam in 2003. Def Jam is a subsidiary label of Universal Music Group. In addition, he established his music label, GOOD Music under Def Jam as well.

See some of his tweets and watch the video below.


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