Kanye West Defends Going Mute on Jimmy Kimmel: “I Wasn’t Given a Chance to Answer the Question”

During Kanye West’s last sit-down with Jimmy Kimmel, he went mute for over fours seconds when he was asked if the president really cares about black people.

“You so famously and so powerfully said, ‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people,’” Kimmel had asked the loquacious rapper, referring to comments West made at a 2005 benefit for Hurricane Katrina relief. “It makes me wonder what makes you think that Donald Trump does or any people at all?”

After many seconds of silence and the rapper couldn’t come up with anything intelligent, Kimmel saved him from embarrassment by going to a commercial break.

Now, Kanye West has taken to his Twitter to claim he wasn’t stumped by the question. “On Jimmy Kimmel we had a great time having a dialogue. I’m reading that I was stumped by a question. Let me clarify the click bait. I wasn’t stumped. I wasn’t given a chance to answer the question,” he wrote.

Adding, “The question was so important I took time to think. And then I was hit with the let’s go to commercial break. That interview showed strong personalities with different opinions having a civil conversation.”

Watch the actual video below.

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