Kanye West Brings Out Chance The Rapper at Chicago Sunday Service

Yesterday, Kanye West brought out Chance the Rapper at his Chicago Sunday service held at the Huntington Bank Pavilion, and they sang his favourite hit songs.

Per Billboard, lots of people showed up for the event, and this came mere days after the well-applauded Dayton, Ohio event in honour of the victim of the recent mass shooting.

Billboard added:

In a light gray sweatsuit and donning a pair of dark black sunglasses, West emerged from behind the large stage a little after 9 a.m. and quickly pushed his way through the dense mass of people pressed near the front, out into the middle of the fray where a collection of singers and musicians were already treating the faithful to a collection of soothing gospel classics.

Upon his arrival, the band shifted into a heady, re-arranged rendition of his The Life Of Pablo album opener “Ultralight Beam” while he bobbed his head and smiled. Fans held their phones high over their heads to try as best they could to catch a quick glimpse of the man of the hour, making it difficult for those just outside the inner circle to discern what was going on. Those that couldn’t see merely danced and sang instead.

See the sneak peeks of the service below:

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