Kanye West Addresses His Issues With Drake in New Track

Complex reports that a newly-leaked track presumably recorded by Kanye West has surfaced, in which he addressed his qualms with Drake.

The track, possibly titled Wait for God, is said to be recorded during when Kanye was working on Jesus Is King, and the verses feels like spoken word and sees Kanye laughing about a higher power having “a good ass sense of humor.” That was before he indirectly mentioned Drake’s location of residence as an example.

“He funny though. He gon’ move the No. 1 rapper four blocks down the street from me. You funny, God,” he said.

He also recalls a then-recent visit he took to the Westwood area of Los Angeles to eat at Denny’s. While there, West says he spotted someone he thought looked like Drake, prompting him to turn his car around for a face-to-face talk.

“I seen a tall light-skin dude with a beard and shit. I said, ‘That looks like Drake right there.’ But he was, like, on a skateboard. I said, ‘I know that ain’t gonna be Drake on a skateboard.’ I was, like, ‘Man, I’mma go talk to him right now.’ So I pulled and turned the car around,” he continued.

Then he ties this bit into another College Dropout track, the Aretha-sampling “School Spirit,” specifically throwing in a callback to a line from the song’s first verse: “I said on my first album I’mma make sure light-skinned n****s don’t never come back in style.”

The track has since be deleted from YouTube.


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