Kanye West Accidentally Reveals His iPhone Passcode During Meeting With Trump

Kanye West most definitely will be changing his iPhone password.

The rapper accidentally revealed his password when unlocking his iPhone X on video during a meeting with President Trump, and from the clip making rounds on social media, he is seen entering an incredibly weak combination of 000000.

This happened while he was rambling on and on about why he thinks the president should be using an “the iPlane 1,” a hydrogen-powered concept aircraft that he felt “our President should be flying in.”

Many people have wondered why the rapper chooses to use such a weak password, and even, why he didn’t unlock his phone using a Face ID.

Well, folks now have his password and it was unclear as at press time if anyone broke into his iCloud account. We may never know.

Meanwhile, here’s the video of the rapper’s endless rambling during that meeting with Trump that has gotten everyone talking.

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