Justin Bieber Says His Utter Happiness With Hailey Baldwin Made Him Cry in Public

Justin Bieber seemingly can’t contain his joy.

On Tuesday, the singer went on a date with his fiancée Hailey Baldwin and midway, eyewitnesses noticed that he began to cry. At first, many people didn’t understand what was happening, but later the singer himself has explained why he got emotional.

“You got good days, and you got bad days. It’s not real if it doesn’t have any bad days,” he explained to a photographer, according to Elle.

But People has further detail from a source close to Bieber, saying that the singer is often so happy with Baldwin it makes him sad!


“[This is] the happiest he has ever been,” said the source, adding, “He wonders if he deserves the happiness, and that’s partly why he is emotional.”

The source continued, “He is so crazy about Hailey because she was always so supportive and understanding.”


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