Julius Agwu Proposes ‘Comedy’ as a Means of Tackling Nigeria’s Woes

As Nigeria grapples with a myriad of social, security and economic challenges, ace comedian, Julius Agwu, has advised Nigerians to embrace comedy.

Agwu offered the advice in an interview with ChannelsTV where he explained that Nigerian music and comedy have come a long way, with many artistes and comedians making their mark both locally and internationally.

He then pushed it further, saying comedy was needed now more than ever as a form of escape from the corrosive state of the nation.

“The fact is that considering the circumstances Nigeria is facing now, the only thing that can help anybody who is a Nigerian and not just only Nigerians, is comedy.

“When you think of all the bad things, just go and laugh. Laugh it out,” he said.

Agwu who was away due to health reasons, says he is back, bigger and better as the 13th edition of his annual ‘Crack Ya Ribs‘ comedy show, took place in London on Sunday.

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