Juliet Ibrahim Breaks Silence on Ex-Boyfriend Iceberg Slim’s Public Apology

Juliet Ibrahim has spoken up days after her ex-boyfriend Iceberg Slim took to his Instagram to apologise for all the harm he caused the actress.

Recall that the rapper said he is seeking true healing and redemption and can only achieve this if he apologised for his wrongs. Read it up here.

Well, Ibrahim thinks the apology is coming so late.

“I feel like it’s coming too late, but I appreciate the fact that he’s apologizing and he’s clearing the air. Cos I remember when it started, everybody was claiming and attacking me. I have no idea why they will always attack the woman when something happens or when breakup happens,” she said in a new radio interview.

Asked about the backlash she faced when their relationship failed, she said, “Well, that was life. I went through it. I was strong enough to ignore all the negative comments and negative remarks that were made on me and attacks. I’m just glad.”

While she will never go into another relationship with Slim, she still has kind words for him. “I know he’s a very good person, so for him to do this, I just hope that it helps with the healing he talked about. I’m glad that he came out and everybody knows what happened.”

See the video below:

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