Judge Brinkley’s Lawyer ‘Caught on Tape’ Saying Meek Mill Deserves a New Trial

The lawyer representing Genece Brinkley, the controversial judge presiding over Meek’s case, allegedly was caught on tape saying that Meek Mill deserves a new trial.

According to Complex, the off-the-record comment was made by the lawyer, A. Charles Peruto Jr., who allegedly criticised Brinkley for refusing to grant the rapper a new trial, saying that the judge’s rigid stance made her look “fucking awful.”

This statement allegedly follows an on-camera interview for an upcoming documentary about Philadelphia’s judicial system. Peruto apparently didn’t know that the mic was still on when he said these things, and when he learned of it, defended himself by claiming to have made no derogatory comments about his client—at least none that were “on the record.”

“I have been consistent with my defense of this judge,” Peruto said “Tape or no tape, I don’t believe I said it. […] If I said something off the record, it should not be on the transcript.”

Complex adds that the audio recording was obtained from a Meek “supporter”, plus it’s worthy to note that the documentary mentioned above is a collaborative project between Amazon and Meek’s record label Roc Nation.

Reacting to Peruto’s alleged off-the-record comments, here’s what Meek Mill posted on his Instagram.


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