Joyner Lucas Blames Juice WRLD’s Death on Rappers Who Glorify Drug Use

Joyner Lucas has put Juice WRLD’s death squarely on the shoulders of all those rapper who enjoy glorifying drug use.

Luca tweeted his thoughts yesterday, even thought the official cause of Juice’s death has yet to be determined. He called out rappers who “glorified drugs and made it cool.”

And this comes a day after Juice WRLD died on Sunday following a seizure at Chicago’s Midway airport. Sources close to the situation claim that he took “several unknown pills” before the seizure.

“Juice WRLD was 21. He was a product of our generation of rappers who glorified drugs and made it cool,” Lucas wrote on Twitter. “I’m blaming y’all n***az for this shit. All that lean and pills n***az glorify and talk about. You teaching the kids to do it. Smh you happy now? Rip @JuiceWorlddd. Gone too soon.”

See the tweets below:


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