John Legend Speaks About After CNN Links Kanye West’s Campaign to Trump

John Legend has spoken up after CNN confirmed the motive behind Kanye West’s interest in running for president this 2020.

Per the outlet, one of the people working to have Kanye on the ballot turned out to be Lane Ruhland, who has a tie to the Trump campaign and who has filed paperwork to get Kanye on the ballot in Wisconsin.

While it is clear that Kanye will never win the election, CNN says the fight to get him on the ballot is because he “could be a spoiler for President Donald Trump’s reelection by siphoning off key portions of the Black vote in select states like Wisconsin and Ohio, with filing deadlines this week.”

Reacting to the bizaare reveal, Legend tweeted this:

Whatever be the case, we can’t wait to see how this all pans out.


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