John Krasinski Reunites ‘The Office’ Cast to Surprise Newly Married Couple

John Krasinki continues to do the good work of making people happy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the weekend, the actor brought on some of his former co-stars from The Office to surprise a newly married couple on Sunday’s episode of his web series Some Good News.

The stars who showed up included Steve Carell (who had appeared in the first episode of the show earlier this year), Jenna Fischer, Ed Helms, Ellie Kemper, Mindy Kaling, Rainn Wilson, B.J. Novak and many more.

This episode was headlined by a couple Maryland who re-enacted a wedding proposal from The Office, in which Krasinski’s character, Jim, proposed to Fischer’s character, Pam, outside a convenience store.

Krasinski then conducted a videoconference interview with the couple.

“You guys have proved that proposal works 100 percent of the time,” Krasinski joked with the couple, before telling them they should get married right then and there. He surprised them with the news that he just been ordained as a minister, then brought on both of their sets of parents and their friends along with Fischer, who served as the maid of honor, and Zac Brown, who performed “The Man Who Loves You the Most” for the couple.

Krasinski performed the wedding ceremony and then pronounced them man and wife. He also showed videos of his Office co-stars celebrating and serving as wedding “guests.”

After the event ended, he continued with his positivity story highlights from around the world in Sunday’s episode, which also featured specials appearances by Emma Stone and Emily Blunt (Krasinski’s wife).

Watch the episode below.

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