John Krasinski Hosts Virtual Prom With Billie Eilish and Jonas Brothers

John Krasinski continues to do good works for fans during this pandemic.

For the latest episode of his YouTube series Some Good News, he hosted a virtual prom with a number of star guests including Billie Eilish and the Jonas Brothers.

“I am an elderly person and I am coming to you live on god knows what… pretty sure it’s YouTube,” joked the actor, making fun of the situation and proceeding to joke about an embarrassing appearance on TikTok.

“Welcome to prom, class of 2020,” he announced, patching in a young girl who posted on Facebook about missing her prom due to the school closures. While she was feeling okay about it not happening, Krasinski threw the virtual prom in her honor with himself as the DJ.

Chance the Rapper also appeared in the episode, with Krasinski playing his track “All We Got.”

He also featured the Jonas Brothers who performed “Sucker” from their respective locations amid home isolation — in prom outfits.

Also in attendance was Billie Eilish, who also didn’t attend her high school prom.

Check out the episode below:

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