John Cena Says He’s Thinking About Retiring From WWE

John Cena is considering retiring from WWE.

It all last week, after Vince McMahon invited retired icons the Undertaker and Goldberg for a match that almost ended their careers. Apparently, the two were unable to perform their signature stunts with the same vigor as they did in the past. This came to a head when the 54-year-old ‘Taker was unable to properly finish the fight, resulting in a botched Tombstone Piledriver that injured the 52-year-old Goldberg.

See the disturbing video below.

Shortly after, fans called on the two to retire from the ring for their own good, and when asked about this, Cena stated that only those two men can decide when they’re done.

“I think an individual’s career is up to the individual,” Cena said and then revealed that he’s been contemplating leaving the ring. “I’ve been having the same conversation with myself and I’m only 42. It’s something we’ve got to address each day that’s individually specific. When those people are ready to stop they’ll stop.”

This comes mere days after the wrestler took to Twitter to announce he’ll be a part of Fast & Furious 9.

He has a promising future.

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