John Boyega Drags Trolls Who Derail Conversation About Police Brutality

John Boyega is on fire again.

The actor has taken to his Twitter to slam the equivalent of the ‘All Lives Matter’ folks, who have a penchant for derailing conversations about police viciousness on black and brown people.

“Don’t waste time tweeting “you need to talk about police brutality against white people” go for one of your celeb coons for that,” he wrote.

And to those still hung up on his role in Stars Wars movie, Boyega said: “That Star Wars movie got you lot all the way fucked up. I am staying on topic. We are addressing a specific issue.”

This comes one week after the dragged folks who have a problem with his hatred for racists. Read all about that here.

Now, he is encouraging his true fans to step out and join in the protest against police brutality, and he also shared tips on what they should all bring with them for the protest.

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