JNI Cautions Politicians over Killings

The Jama’atu Nasril Islam on Sunday cautioned politicians against unguarded utterances following the killings in some parts of the country.

In a press statement in Kaduna Sunday, the Secretary-General of JNI, Dr Khalid Aliyu said there were indications of political interest in recent civil unrests in parts of the country.

“Government on the other hand, particularly the judiciary should dispense justice promptly and appropriately, as there are cries over the delay tactics within the system, which has given impetus to the recurring communal crises in Nigeria,” he said.

Aliyu noted that the recurring crisis in Kasuwan Magani, Kaduna state, has claimed many lives with very little done by government to bring those responsible to book.

Expressing regret that “human lives do not matter to many of us in Nigeria”, Aliyu said “At will, people just take up arms to maim, kill and sometimes slaughter fellow human beings without any sober reflection, yet government often looks the other way on the alleged culprits.

“Something must be wrong with our psyche.”

He urged government to provide permanent security to protect motorists on major interstate highways who are being waylaid and killed in some identified communities whenever a crisis erupts.

“However, we are exasperated that oftentimes passersby are always soft targets in Nigeria and this allows for backlash.

“The Yola-Numan-Gombe road and the Gonin Gora road in Kaduna state (for the Abuja-Kaduna-Kano commuters), would have been blood laden if not for the timely intervention of the respective state governments of Adamawa and Kaduna.

“The Federal Government, as well as the affected state governments, must, therefore, provide alternative routes or security strike force mounted at such places or relocate the troubled communities near the highways.

“The JNI calls for calm and restraint, as always, it also implores religious and/or clerics as well as traditional rulers to always take control of their constituencies and nip in the bud these recurring unfortunate incidences at their respective localities.

“Although, going by the tapes available on air, political gladiators can hardly play the game of politics decorously.

“As we have often heard them say there is no morality in politics, of which from the religious context, we would not expect much good from politicians.

“And of course, free, fair and credible election will continue to be a mirage to us, so long as there would not be morality in politics.”


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