Jim Iyke Rips Into Fan Who Called Out His Insecurity

Jim Iyke is back again fighting with an Instagram troll who had a lot to say about him.

Drama started when the actor shared a new post today and the troll, who is displeased with Iyke’s recent conduct on the platform, accused him of being insecure.

“You’re an insecure grown ass man, that’s why you’re always online fighting,” said the troll. To which the actor replied with a tirade in which he dismissed his critic as an “irritating little cockroach”.

This comes just a day after Iyke cussed out a woman who tried to bodyshame him: he clapped back with the meanest, sexist and even self-deprecatory remark, dismissing the woman as an “ape”, a racist word that is used to denigrate people of colour. Read all about that here.

Now, he is back again.

See the latest exchange below.

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