Jidenna Tells Africans in Diaspora: “Nigeria needs you to amplify Right Now!”

Jidenna has called on Africans in diaspora to show support for Nigerians who are protesting police brutality across the country.

His tweets came after Nigerian soldiers stormed Lekki Toll Gate and opened fire, where many Nigerian Youths gathered, under the banner of #EndSARS, to make their voices heard. And from the videos making rounds on social media, the protesters are seen scampering to safety, with many bleeding from injuries, some reportedly dead. The number of fatalities have yet to be confirmed, but witnesses claim that more than 9 people were killed last night.

To non-Nigerians in the US- we need your solidarity. Just as we rose up for #GeorgeFloyd, we are rising against years of police brutality & corruption that were born in colonialism & slavery. The fight to #EndSARS is ultimately a fight to create a dignified Black/ African nation,” he said.

He continued, “To the African diaspora, Nigeria needs you to amplify rn! The Nigerians that are in your crew, your class, your sports teams, your offices, your playlists, your films, your hospitals…they all need you rn. We need you to be even louder than we’re known to be. #EndSARS

See the tweets:


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