Jeremy Meeks’ Ex-Wife, Melissa, Throws Lavish Divorce Party in Las Vegas

Melissa Meeks is no longer pinning over her ex-husband Jeremy Meeks; the mum is out here having the best time of her life with her friends.

Recall that in early June Jeremy, who was then expecting a child with girlfriend Chloe Green, finalised his divorce with ex-wife Melissa Meeks.

Melissa had been heartbroken after her husband abandoned her for the billionaire heiress; she granted interviews telling how hurt she was. But she since has moved on from the betrayal and threw herself a lavish divorce party at a Las Vegas strip club last weekend.

Complex adds that Melissa celebrated with a group of friends and topless dancers at the Crazy Horse 3 strip club, and the party featured a giant cake shaped like handcuffs. The words “Ex Con 2 Ex Wife” were written on the cake platter.

I feel like I’m rediscovering myself. I’m single and ready to mingle. I’m there, 100 percent,” Melissa had told People, addding, “That part of my life is a closed chapter, and now I’m ready to basically write the new chapter in my life right now. There were definitely parts of that past chapter that were amazing and definitely parts that were not so amazing, but the future is to be told.”

This comes weeks after Jeremy settled a deal with Melissa in which he received primary custody of their 9-year-old son Jeremy Jr and she took home a six-figure check.

“We’re on good terms for the sake of my son, and that’s really all that’s important,” Melissa said to People after that deal.

Now, she is having fun and she deserves it!


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