Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Sued Over 2018 Car Accident

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez reportedly have being sued over 2018 car accident, even though neither of them was behind the wheel.

According to TMZ, Liyanage Perera has filed a lawsuit against the couple, claiming he sustained serious injuries when the couple’s driver hit him with an SUV last October.

Perera added that the incident happened in an alleyway as Lopez and Rodriguez were leaving a restaurant on Melrose Avenue. The lawsuit does not specifically name the restaurant, but TMZ suspects it was Craig’s, where the couple’s driver had allegedly hit the man in a nearby alleyway last October.

TMZ had earlier reported that no criminal charges were filed for the October 2018 accident, and law enforcement officials told the outlet that “pedestrians are not allowed to block a vehicle in a space by standing in front of it, and drivers are permitted to creep forward.”

However, there is now a lawsuit and Perera acknowledges Lopez and Rodriguez were not driving the SUV that allegedly hit him, but then he claims the couple is at fault, as they did not tell their security team to be cautious as they drove through the alleyway.

He also said the couple “quickly fled the scene” and failed to check if he was fine.

Perera wants the couple to cover his medical expenses, plus damages.

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