Are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Getting Engaged Anytime Soon?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez may be getting engaged anytime soon, E! news is guessing.

According to the media house, the speculation began after a source close to the couple said they are “getting very serious and talking marriage”, adding that “J.Lo wants a future with A-Rod.”

And speaking with them recently, they gave off same vibes.

Asked what makes Rodriguez her rock, Lopez said, “He just is. He’s so supportive. I mean, he was at rehearsal with me last night till 1 a.m. and after he had worked his whole day, I work my whole day, then we go to rehearsal and he’s like, ‘What time will you be done?’ I said, ‘I don’t know.’ He goes, ‘Alright, I’ll just come over there and I’ll do some work and we’ll go home together.’ That’s the kind of support, like in this business, it’s just a different kind of business, you know, and so, to have someone who understands it and wants to be there and you want to be there for them, it’s a very special thing.”

And when asked “Is there going to be an actual rock? Should we apply some pressure right now?” she laughed, looked at Rodriguez, and said: “No, I don’t like to pressure anybody for anything.”

E! News adds that in September, they asked Rodriguez if he was going to pop the question, and he said, “Jennifer’s amazing. It’s nice, it’s nice. You’re gonna make me blush now! Now I’m sweating. No, she’s an amazing girl.”

Whatever be the case, it seems the media and fans are pushing them to take the next step.

Or, what do you think?


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