Janelle Monáe Stuns on the Cover of Vanity Fair’s June 2020 Issue

Janelle Monáe is the cover star for latest issues of Vanity Fair magazine.

The singer-actress-rapper sat down for a Zoom interview with the publishers, during which she also did her cover shot.

Monáe spoke about how the US government is handling the COVID-19 pandemic and how this could lead to an uprising. She said:

“There can be a real uprising. The majority of us do not want to continue to see things be the way that they are. We’re demanding better health care for ourselves, demanding people listen to scientists as it pertains to the environment, as it pertains to our health.”

About how she is coping with the pandemic, she said:

I’ve been trying to help the band and the crew as much as I can. I’ve been doing a lot of organizing, because we are not all in the same boat. Staying at home for me is different than staying at home and not working for a mom with five kids, when she’s single and can’t afford to pay her rent or pay for food for her kids.

And about her role in the upcoming film, Antebellum, she said:

I knew that taking on this role was going to take a lot of deep diving emotionally.

This role is the hardest role that I’ve done because it directly connects the past, present, and the future. I went back and forth with, ‘Should I do this? People are gonna think I’m crazy.’  It wasn’t until I did some deep meditation—and I saw so many women that reminded me of Veronica, from Maxine Waters to AOC to all of the strong women in our government—that I said, ‘Yes, I should do this.’ This scares me, and the conversations need to be had because our past will directly determine our future.

Read the full Vanity Fair cover story here.

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