Janelle Monae Reveals What Winning A Grammy Award Will Mean For Her

Janelle Monae is hopeful, and we are sending her all the good wishes.

The multifaceted star spoke with the folks at Billboard about the upcoming Grammy Award event set to hold this weekend, Feb. 10, in California.

Asked what winning her first Grammy will mean for her, especially at this time when the voice of women and marginalised people are being listened to, she said:

“To be recognized for work that’s truthful, honest and also not just about me, but about a community of marginalized voices, makes me feel like I’ve already won. The representation was important. It’s a beautiful thing to have your peers in the music community and those voting see something in you that they feel matters. That’s really it for me. I went skydiving yesterday so I’m like on a whole other stratosphere. There’s no other feeling like it: 14,000 feet [up in the air], legs dangling from the side of the plane and you jump. That’s what this is all about: jumping and walking into the fearless person I know that I am. I didn’t get here by myself. I got here because of other fearless women.”

And when she was asked about her performance at the much-anticipated event, she said, “It’s going to be free as f–k.”

And we can’t wait!

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