Jackie Aina Tweets Support for #EndSARS Movement After Folks Called Her Out

Jackie Aina has finally added her voice to the #EndSARS movement, and this came after folks called her out for keeping silent during this important time and only using Nigeria as a aesthetic for her beauty business.

The drama began after Ronke Raji took to her Instagram to share a photo of herself posing beside a bicycle, and she talked about herself and her image, before adding the #EndSARS protest as a footnote, like an afterthought. Many Nigerians had a problem with this and called her out, and she clapped back, even accused them of being envious of her success.

Reacting to her insensitive comments, folks began to unfollow Raji on social media and YouTube, with some also calling out Jackie Aina, who had only been retweeting a few of stories about the protests, for keeping silent during such times.

Which was why Aina quickly hopped on her Twitter to add her voice to the movement and educated her foreign followers about the ongoing call for the end of police brutality in Nigeria.

This morning, she reminded her followers all over the world that the protests are still going on, and prayed that the brave folks who are marching against police brutality should stay safe.


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