‘I’ve Got the Midas Touch’ – Floyd Mayweather Brags as He Shows off $100m Cheque

Floyd Mayweather is out here bragging about his bank account.

Drama started yesterday when the retired boxer took to his Instagram to post his $100m cheque dated August 2017 (which is most possibly from the Conor McGregor fight), and in the caption, he talked about his achievements, how he got the Midas touch, and how he is wiser than most of his contemporaries.

“Some say there’s a difference between being smart and intelligent. Everyone knows that common sense isn’t so common, but when it comes to being wise beyond years it’s proven I’ve got the Midas touch,” he began, adding, “It’s simple math, being 50-0 lets you know I READ my opponents just as clear as you can READ this $100,000,000 check.”

He then added, “I stay getting checks like this, I will always have the last laugh!”

This is not the first time the retired boxer would be showing off his earnings on his social media. While some fans wondered who triggered the latest brag-fest because he usually does this when he is offended, others weren’t impressed.

“All he talks about his having money wealth is nice but what about the other good qualities this is getting so redundant and old at this point it’s annoying,” said Instagram user, @d_nte_r.

And another, @stephie.vn, added, “Well congrats, now you’re just an even richer man who has a history of beating women. Shame that money can’t buy you any respect for women @floydmayweather.”

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