It’s War: Judge Who Sentenced Meek Mill to Prison Hires Lawyer to Save Her Image

Judge Genece Brinkley has hired a lawyer to fight Meek Mill’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, who accused her of unfairly sending the rapper to prison.

Recall that shortly after the judge sent Meek Mill to prison, his lawyer granted interviews, claiming that the judge was biased in the case against Meek Mill because the rapper refused to sign to her friend’s management company, and more because Meek refused to do a song for her.

However, transcripts from their court hearing published earlier this year revealed that she never tried to sway Meek into switching management. She threatend to Meek and his lawyer over the false claims, and now her lawyer, Charles Peruto Jr., has spoken up.

In new chat with TMZ, Peruto said this about Meek’s lawyer:

“Joe Tacopina is a circus clown. He wasn’t there, yet he gave all sorts of interviews saying the judge had this discussion trying to coax Meek into switching managers. It didn’t happen. And as soon as I got back and I read that transcript, I told the judge ‘release the transcript’ because it completely flies in the face of his allegations.”

He went further to add that Tacopina used the media to ruin the judge’s name, adding that the rapper and his team hace been dealing with the whole issue unethically by using people outside of the court room to try and lift Meek’s sentence, that some of those who have contacted the judge and tried to have her change her mind about Meek’s prison sentence includes the former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell.

Watch Peruto’s fiery video here.

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