It Wasn’t Me! Blac Chyna Washes Hands Off New Sex Tape Making Rounds on the Internet

Blac Chyna has clarified that she is not the woman in the new sex tape that is making rounds on social media.

According to TMZ, a second ‘Blac Chyna’ sex tape recently surfaced on social media days after the first one, and the 13-minute long clip features a woman and a man who look strikingly like Chyna and her ex-boyfriend Mechie. The woman reportedly also moves and acts like Chyna, and even wears tattoos similar to Chyna’s.

However, Chyna has said she is not the person in the video, and also, her lawyers have sent cease-and-desist letters to porn sites who have put up the tape in Chyna’s name.

Sadly, this is the third attack on the mother of two since her separation from Rob Kardashian. First, Rob went on a revenge mission after their relationship failed; he published her private photos and videos to shame her. Next, unknown persons published the video of Chyna giving her boyfriend Mechie oral sex.

And now, folks are targeting her again, this time with false video. And fans are hoping that the law catches up with the culprits once and for all.


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